UNEDITED MEANS: There are so many shots I I'm just going to throw these up and if you take the time to hit the favorite button after you sign in, I will crop, straighten, lighten, brighten or black and white them to gussy them up. But not unless you pick some favorites first. :)

As usual for the Bulls gallery, you may screen shot these, seen in low resolution. Or you can buy the $2 low resolution with NO WATERMARK and then I will email you the HIGH QUALITY SHARP downloads without watermarks for printing or posting. (So I'm selling $10 photos for $2 this summer.)

I have made an online price list available so customers can pay with a credit card, BUT... feel free to contact me and negotiate other options if you want more than 10 photos over the season. I want to make sure you get all your favorite photos for a good deal.

First, make an account.
Second, save all the photos of your player as you find them.
Finally, "share with photographer" and send me a quick note. That way I can make a gallery just for you and do some special editing.
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